Open House

On our drive back from San Diego, we paid another visit to CPR Classic Restoration (CPR) in Fallbrook, California. Earlier in the year, we had visited CPR during the LA Lit & Toy Show open house weekend via tour bus but only had 40 minutes to check out the facility due to our late arrival and return schedule. Basically, anything less than an hour–in our opinion–is not enough to see every building that houses the extensive, ground-up nut and bolt restoration that CPR puts into each project. There’s also the chance to chat with the pros, who can answer your questions on restoration and current projects.


Each building on the property–seven to be exact–serves a unique purpose. From disassembly, metal and fabrication, body, paint, mechanical, assembly and electrical so there’s plenty to see. Once you’ve seen those, you can head up the road and finish your tour in the showroom. Sadly, the six restoration buildings are only open to the public once a year during open house weekend so be sure to checkout CPR’s website for dates.

Another Short Visit

Anyways, this particular visit wasn’t ideal either as it was late in the day, and most of the remaining employees were focused on getting up to LA for Luftgekühlt the next morning. Nevertheless, we had a good chat with a few of the guys and viewed some great cars that were for sale in the showroom. Sometimes a short visit is better than none.

Here’s a quick glimpse into their stellar work – they literally bring new life into old Porsches.