The Future of the Porsche 911

Last fall, we came across a red 959 at the Driven To America event in New York and being that it’s such a rare car, especially in the US, we were thrilled to see one again. This time, the car was silver and just so happened to be Chief Engineer Helmuth Bott’s (Dr. Bott) personal vehicle and Prototype #006.

Tucked in a corner of the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta sat this special car. It was a beautiful shade of silver, but on this wet and cloudy day, the light coming through the windows made the color appear darker; almost blending into its surroundings.

Ahead of Its Time

Dr. Bott had an amazing vision to create a “Super 911” and the result was the 959, the fastest production car of its time. Sadly this supercar was only produced for one year and although extremely expensive at the time, the advancements and new technologies found in the 959 paved the way for modern Porsches. Equipped with a 2.8 liter, flat six, twin-turbocharged engine, it produced 450 hp and had a top speed of 199 mph. That’s more than twice the horsepower of the 911 of its time.

Hopefully, we’ll see more 959s at future Porsche events. In the meantime, we’ll dream of sitting behind the wheel of this awesome car and keep the video below on repeat.