The First of Many to Come

We were thrilled to attend the inaugural Driven to America event celebrating Max Hoffman, the legendary East coast car dealer responsible for importing the very first cars from Porsche and who also inspired the creation of the Porsche Speedster and the infamous Porsche crest.

We arrived early at Max’s Muttontown, NY estate to beat some of the crowds. We walked up from the parking lot towards the main house and began pulling out our cameras.

First up was a Martini Racing RSR which was being towed by a motorhome sporting the same Martini livery – what a package! Next was a pretty blue 356 and a Porsche tractor which looked like it just rolled out of the factory.

The Martini Racing RSR, free from its trailer
The Martini Racing RSR, free from its trailer
A stunning Porsche 356 under the trees

Max Hoffman Showroom, New York City

Walking into a section of the house where visitors were allowed, we encountered a group of photographs showing the old Max Hoffman showroom which used to be located at 430 Park Avenue. It was designed by Frank Loyd Wright and sadly, was destroyed many years later. It was great seeing these photos and one can only imagine what it must have been like to walk in and see these amazing cars back in the day.

Maxx Hoffman Porsche Showroom, New York City
Maxx Hoffman Porsche Showroom, New York City
Early photos of Max and his showroom on Park Avenue

Early Air-cooled Porsches

Walking around to the back of the house, we encountered a beautiful group of 356’s in every color imaginable lined up on the grass near the pool. There was also a Pre-A Continental barn-find complete with photos documenting its restoration and a little red 356 with ads and other promotional papers from Hoffman’s old showroom days.

Welcome to Renngeschaft Row of Porsche 356's in every shade from white to grey Max Hoffman Mansion Driven to America Car Show New York
Row of Porsche 356’s in every shade of white to grey

Where Air and Water Meet

Further out from the house sat rows of 911 Turbos, 993s and early model Carreras. We were also excited to see several old race cars like the 904, 908 and 910 as well as more recent models such as the new 918 Spyder and GT3RS.

We stayed until mid-afternoon, until the first cars began to leave. It was an amazing gathering of Porsches and enthusiasts.

The 2nd Annual Driven to America takes place on October 14th, 2018. Mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss it!

The Carrera ‘RS’ pool party
A very pretty 1967 'S'
Several rows of Turbos lounging about
Bright red 959 gets shined up for the day
Porsche 910 warming up in the sun
Porsche 904 covered in morning dew
Engine view of the Porsche 908
Porsche 918 Spyder and GT3RS joined the festivities for a while