Current Exhibit

Artworks by V E N I are on display alongside works by photographer James Lipman and artist Lyn Hiner in

Steven Harris’ complete RS collection RennSport: The Complete Collection at the

Saratoga Automobile Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY

On display through Spring 2022

About the Artist

From riding in Porsches along the California coast to earning her driver’s permit in a ’66 VW Beetle, Veni has had a love for vintage automobiles since childhood. Her art combines this love with an eye for detail honed over a 15+ year career in fashion in New York City. Veni also travels with her camera, documenting car culture for Renngeschäft – an online resource and celebration of Porsche‘s and air-cooled car culture. Her images have also been featured on PCarMarket and Duck & Whale magazine, and her automotive artwork is currently on display in the Steven Harris Rennsport: The Complete Collection exhibit at the Saratoga Automobile Museum.


In a time of automation, digital art, and mass production, Veni’s automotive artwork pays homage to handmade works, in limited editions, like the vintage cars we love. Each composition is an invitation to travel a car’s alluring curves through layers of paper and precision cuts. Through her technique, she reveals the raw, seductive nature of these wonderful machines from a different perspective. Using a precision knife, hundreds of pieces are hand cut from premium paper, hand painted, and assembled onto imported German automotive vinyl upholstery sourced from a Los Angeles restoration shop specializing in vintage Porsches. Each work of art is made-to-order, in limited editions, complete with a custom wood frame and premium museum acrylic, supports reforestation and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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