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Flipping through the Apple News app while riding home on the train one evening in early 2016, I came across a Road & Track article entitled, “Help Fund a Documentary on Brumos Racing, Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood.” I jumped into the article and discovered a Kickstarter campaign had been set up by documentary filmmaker Derek Dodge. Derek was trying to raise $35,000 to complete the film, much of which was already shot.

As soon as I got home, I pledged $250 towards the campaign. If it was successful and the goal was reached, I would receive an online preview of the final film, a DVD of the film and the official movie poster signed by Hurley.

Image: ISC Archives

As the campaign rolled into its final days, it looked like the $35,000 goal might not be met, so Derek reached out to his existing supporters to see if they could contribute a little more to help him reach his goal. I kicked in more money and as the campaign reached its end, Derek ended up blowing past his original goal by almost $8,000!

Over the next couple of years, Derek posted updates on the Kickstarter site (to the 222 backers) detailing how the film was progressing. It was slow going–at least for the anxious supporters–but the film was progressing.

Video: Derek Dodge/Kickstarter      Director & Producer – Derek Dodge      Executive Producer – Patrick Dempsey      

In January of 2018, Derek posted that they had “picture lock” and were putting the final touches on the film. A short section of the film was posted on the Kickstarter site and it looked fantastic. Finally, in April 2018, Derek said that the film was complete and links to the full film were sent out. Noticed my name in the credits – cool. In the months to come, the DVD, posters and other goodies were sent out to all of the film’s supporters.

renngeschaft 2019 hurley haywood documentary movie kickstarter brumos porsche racing DVD

Producer/Director Derek Dodge and Executive Producer Patrick Dempsey deliver a beautiful documentary of racing legend, Hurley Haywood.

“Hurley” is a touching portrait of Hurley Haywood and Peter Gregg in the golden era of sports car racing, their friendship both on and off the track, as well as a look into the previously unpublicized private life of Hurley and his husband Steve Hill. The film is a tribute to Hurley’s skills as a race car driver as well as a deep look into a truly genuine and kind human being.

Be sure to watch “Hurley”  available on iTunes ($12.99) and VOD, March 26th – Official Trailer below.

“It’s not always about winning the race.” – Hurley Haywood

renngeschaft 2019 hurley haywood documentary movie kickstarter rennsport portrait